New Year’s Day Tournament

wagoner 2017

Kingpin’s Alley owner Doug Bohannon (R) presents 2017 New Year’s Day Tournament champion Steve Wagoner with his $1500 check.

The 3rd annual New Year’s Day tournament took place on Sunday January 1st, 2017.  This year saw a total of 73 entries.

There were 2 qualifying rounds, 9:30am and 1:30pm.  1 in 5 advanced to the semifinals and cashed.

This is a scratch tournament that will be contested on Kegel’s “Tower Of Pisa” challenge pattern.

9:30 am qualifying.  5 games.  33 entries (7 advance)

  1. Zach Doty 1109
  2. RJ Martinez 1100
  3. Dave Bingham 1067
  4. BJ Skiffington 1064
  5. Rick Bogholtz 1045
  6. Larry Porter 1024
  7. Matt Fazzone 1019

1:30 pm qualifying.  5 games.  40 entries (8 advance)

  1. Craig Schoonmaker  1259
  2. Ray Cyr 1123
  3. Justin Barcomb 1087
  4. Steve Wagoner 1067
  5. Dan Furman 1059
  6. Rick Mochrie 1041
  7. Roy Vandergart 1032
  8. Tom Reed 1025

Qualifying leaders each received a new bowling ball courtesy of Storm/Roto Grip.  Craig Schoonmaker was given a first round bye in match play since he posted the highest qualifying score.


Round 1 (losers each receive $200)

BJ Skiffington beat Dan Furman 412-343
Tom Reed beat RJ Martinez 40-37 in a 9th and 10th frame rolloff after they tied at 397.
Roy Vanderbogart beat Justin Barcomb 334-328
Matt Fazzone beat Ray Cyr 435-377
Steve Wagoner beat Rick Bogholtz 445-284
Larry Porter beat Zach Doty 410-384
Rick Mochrie beat Dave Bingham 442-380

Round 2 (losers each receive $300)

BJ Skiffinton beat Craig Schoonmaker 417-412
Tom Reed beat Roy Vanderbogart 390-353
Steve Wagoner beat Matt Fazzone 399-380
Rick Mochrie beat Larry Porter 421-362

Semi-Finals (losers receive $600)

Tom Reed beat BJ Skiffington 451-396
Steve Wagoner beat Rick Mochrie 388-360

Steve Wagoner beat Tom Reed 419-413.
Wagoner wins $1500, a new bowling ball courtesy of Storm/Roto Grip, and a trophy.
Reed wins $750
73 total entries.




Bowling ball with pins. bowling ball going down the lane in a fi

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