South High Marathon Dance

South High Marathon Dance

The annual Kingpin’s Alley Galactic Bowl fundraiser for South High Marathon Dance is all set and this year we are looking to raise even more money than last year. We will be doing to Friday nights this year…January 20 and February 17, 2017. Both nights will be from 9:30pm until midnight. There will be a live DJ playing all of the hottest music and videos. Kingpin’s Alley donates $5 for each entry to the Galactic Bowl nights to the South High Marathon Dance. For that reason we do not accept any discount coupons for these nights. Gather up your friends and family and come in for some great fun and help a greater cause.

Kingpin’s Alley is proud to do it’s civic duty to help support this wonderful cause and the great kids that make it all possible.

Kingpin’s Alley total donation in two years is $3925.00


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