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Kingpin’s Alley Pro Shop

The pro shop here at Kingpin’s Alley is your one stop, full service shop. We sell all of the latest bowling balls, bags and shoes with prices to suit everyone. All of our bowling ball prices include drilling and are drilled by our experts.

Just need ball work done? We can plug and re-drill balls. Bring back that new ball look and reaction with a complete resurface. Just need to replace those worn out finger grips? We stock your size in a variety of colors.

We have all of your small pro shop items as well from tape, rosin bags, easy slide, shoe covers, the list goes on. We can revive your ball with our Revivor. Get all the oil out of that ball and put the hook back into it.

The pro shop is open most days or you can call 518.793.9606 for an appointment.

Pro Shop Hours

The Pro Shop is open every day, however we recommend that you call ahead – 518.793.9606 – to be sure that our experts will be available to assist you when you come in. We also do work by appointment, call us today to schedule yours.

Plug & Drilling
Includes resurface to
customer specs.
Each Finger$5
Thumb Slug$10
Revivor Oven – 1 Ball$25
Revivor Oven – 2 Balls$40
Add Resurface
$10 per ball
Add new finger grips$5 per ball
Drill Blank Ball

For balls not purchased from the KPA.

Plastic Ball$30

*Remember – Custom fitting and drilling is included in the purchase price of all balls sold by Kingpin’s Alley.

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