KPA Team Tournament – The Chase For 4000

Kingpin’s Alley 3rd Annual Team Tournament

This year Kingpin’s Alley will once again be conducting it’s team tournament. The event will run on weekends in October. 5 person teams will compete with a chance to set new records and make some big money. This tournament is certified by the USBC. There will be one squad at 1pm each day. This event will be bowled on our house pattern. There will be team and individual brackets with same day payouts.

Win bonus cash for breaking these records

  • ADK USBC Team Game (1318) $250
  • ADK USBC Team Series (3717) $250
  • NYS Team game (1377) $500
  • NYS Team Series (3894) $500
  • USBC Team game (1434) $1000
  • USBC Team Series (3986) $1000
  • 4000 TEAM SERIES SCRATCH $4000

Entry fee is $250 per team. Entry fee breakdown is $200 prize fee, $45 bowling fee, $5 expense fee.
Be sure to download the entry form and submit them early. There is a limit of 20 teams per squad.

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