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2022 Summer Leagues



The Sport Challenge isn’t really a league as you may be used to.  This program is a non-commitment type of league where you come when you want.  Pay only when you play.  We put out challenging lane patterns each week that test your skill and most importantly, help make you a better bowler.  We keep track of averages so you can see your improvement.   

This league begins on Monday May 2nd, the cost is only $10 per week for four games. 
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Junior & Junior/Adult Pizza Bowl 

This summer we are giving parents the option to join their kids on the lanes and bowl with them. This popular kid’s league features three games of bowling each week along with pizza and soda for only $10 per person/per week.

The league bowls for 16 weeks on Tuesdays at 5:30pm beginning May 3rd.
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The premier summer league here at Kingpin’s Alley. The Show Me The Money league is a doubles handicap league that bowls on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. The league begins play on May 4th and completes its schedule on August 17th. The league costs only $20 per week for 16 weeks, 4 games per week. Teams may be two men, two women, or one of each. Handicap is 90% of 230.  The estimated prize fund is $10,000 (based on 42 teams of 2)

Last summer we had a full house of 42 teams. The more teams, the more fun for all. Get signed up today and get ready for some great summer bowling fun.

Don’t forget…when you join a summer league here at Kingpin’s Alley, you get $2 games of open bowling all summer long (when lanes are available).
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This Senior League bowls Thursdays at noon. It features two person teams, any mix. The league bowls three games per week beginning May 5th and the cost is only $9 per week. Grab a partner and keep your bowling game sharp.
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It’s been around for a while and now it’s at KPA. Using a unique scoring format to simulate NFL scoring, this league is sure to be one that excites you and provides plenty of fun. Team of 3 (any mix) bowl four games per week (simulating 4 quarters of a football game). The league is handicapped and even has the end of regular season playoffs. The cost is $25 per person/per week. Be sure to get your team signed up ASAP and be a part of the NFL at KPA.

This league will bowl on Thursday nights at 6:30pm beginning April 28th.
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Our ever popular summer high-tech Have-A-Ball returns May 5th. Three person teams, any mix. Bowl Thursday nights at 6:30pm. This league will run for 16 weeks. Pay $20 per week and you will receive a $200 Pro-Shop voucher good for any ball you want* (some restrictions may apply). If you are not looking for a ball and just bowl for fun then you only pay $13 per week.
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All of our leagues are looking for new teams/bowlers. You don’t have to have a full team to join, we can place individuals, couples, etc.
You can sign up using the button on this page, by phone or by stopping into the center

Summer leagues at Kingpin’s Alley are every bit as much fun as our winter leagues.  We offer summer leagues for all bowlers no matter what your skill level.  Summer leagues are a great way to keep your game sharp, maintain the social aspect of that league night out, or you can join a league as a beginner and get ready for the fall leagues.  Whatever your reason, Kingpin’s Alley has what you are looking for.  We have leagues for competitive bowlers, families, seniors, kids, etc.

All summer league bowlers receive $2 per game open bowling all summer long. Whenever lanes are available, our summer league bowlers can come in and bowl an unlimited number of games and pay only $2 per game. This promotion runs from June 1 thru August 31. Bowlers must be current with their league dues to receive this discount.

Bowling is a year round sport and summer is a great time to bowl.  Call us or stop in for information on our summer leagues.

2021 Fall Leagues


Moreau Seniors ● Sept 13th ● 32 weeks ● 9:00 AM ● Mixed ● $12.00/wk

Kingpin Classic ● Aug 30th ● 33 weeks ● 6:50 PM ● Scratch ● $25.00/wk


Too Cold For Golf ● Oct 5th ● 25 weeks ● 9:00 AM ● Men ● $9.00/wk

Sportsmen Plus ● Aug 31st ● 32 weeks ● 6:15 PM ● Mixed ● $20.00/wk


Wed Singles Classic ● Sept 7th ● 32 weeks ● 12:00 PM ● Mixed ● $10.00/wk
(Non-commitment league, come and go as you please)

Hurricane ● Sept 8th ● 30 weeks ● 6:00 PM ● Women ● $16.00/wk

Tri Lakes ● Sept 8th ● 32 weeks ● 6:15 PM ● Mixed ● $18.00/wk


Too Cold for Golf ● Oct 7th ● 25 weeks ● 9:00 AM ● Men ● $9.00/wk

Corinth Seniors ● Sept 9th ● 30 weeks ● 12:00 PM ● Mixed ● $13.00/wk

Matinee ● Sept 9th ● 26 weeks ● 4:00 PM ● Women ● $10.00/wk

Automotive ● Sept 9th ● 30 weeks ● 6:15 PM ● Mixed ● $20.00/wk

Sky Hi ● Sept 2nd ● 32 weeks ● 7:50 PM ● Mixed ● $15.00/wk


Kingpin’s Alley continues to support special needs bowlers with league and discounted rates as we strive to do our civic duty.  This league is open to any special needs person.  The cost is $5.50 per person/per week.  The league runs for 24 weeks and will begin on Saturday September 11, 2021. 


All of our leagues are looking for new teams/bowlers. You don’t have to have a full team to join, we can place individuals, couples, etc.
You can sign up using the button on this page, by phone or by stopping into the center

2022 Short Season Leagues

KPA Have a Ball LEAGUE

The Kingpin’s Alley winter Have a Ball league returns on Wednesday January 5th, 2022.  This league is the perfect way to get through the long winter.  Gather your friends, co-workers & family members to form your team and be a part of some fun in the middle of the week. 

This league is only 12 weeks long and costs only $12 per week.

Highlights Of The Have A Ball League:

  • Starts on Wednesday January 5, 2022
  • 4 person teams, any mix
  • Only 12 weeks long
  • Price point to fit every budget
  • Each participant receives a free ball
  • A night out full of fun and friendly competition

You can sign up easily.  Fill out the online form, call us at the center, stop in and fill out the signup form. 

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Common Roots Beer League

Kingpin’s Alley has teamed up with COMMON ROOTS BREWING COMPANY to bring you our 8 week short season program.  This super fun league will run on Thursday nights at 7pm.  The session will begin on January 6th and will end on March 24th.

Everyone is good enough to participate for this league.  We use a handicap scoring system to make it fair and fun for all skill levels.  It’s also a 9 PIN NO-TAP league (9 pins down =STRIKE).

The cost is only $80 per team of 4/per week.  ($20 per person/per week.)



Three games of bowling each week

Shoe Rental

1 Common Roots beer each week per team member (rotating selection!)

Sharable appetizer for teams each week

Common Roots swag and other prizes

You can register your team by calling Kingpin’s Alley, sign up in person, or sign up here online.

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KPA Beer Ball No Tap League 

KPA has a new, fun mid-winter short season program for you.  It’s the Boston Beer Ball league.  This league begins on Saturday January 8, 2022 at 6:30pm.  Teams of 4 (any mix) bowl three games each week for 12 weeks, done just in time for warm weather to return. 

Highlights of the Boston Beer League:

  • 3 games each week, shoe rental included if needed
  • One Boston Beer drink per person
  • Weekly giveaways
  • Only $20 per person/per week
  • Free Bowling ball featuring your favorite brands
  • Sign up online, in person, or call us

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All full season league bowlers also receive the following benefits

  • 10% Discount on snackbar food and beverage purchases

  • 10% Discount on pro shop purchases and services

  • Bowl a 900 series and win $10,000

  • Guaranteed low practice rate for you and 4 guests – league member pays $2 per game, guests pay $3 per game

  • In house tournaments throughout the season

  • Free league keeping service available for all leagues including award processing and in house banking of prize fund

  • In house awards program…get recognition for your bowling achievements.

  • First place trophies for your team.

  • End of season tournament for KPA leagues bowlers…win your next season’s dues on us. Two divisions, handicap and scratch.

Call us or stop in and we can get you into the league that’s just right for you.