The 2022 Baker Doubles Tournament will take place on Sunday October 23, 2022.

Check in begins at 10am with bowling set to start at 11am. The field is limited to 63 teams so get your entry and entry fee in ASAP. All teams will bowl 8 games of Baker qualifying with 1 in 6 teams cashing and advancing to the round robin match play. Pins from qualifying carry over to match play. All match play will be one game matches. The winning team will receive 30 bonus pins while teams will each get 15 bonus pins for a tie game. Total wood at the end of match play will determine final position standings. Entry fee is $200 per team. First place is guaranteed at least $2200 and low to cash will be at least $400.

There will be brackets and side pots available. Lane pattern for this year will be the Kegel Krypton.

For more information or to enter please contact Doug Bohannon at Kingpin’s Alley. We accept cash, credit card, PayPal and Facebook pay.


  Roy Vanderbogart(L) and Justin Barcomb (R) are presented their ceremonial winner’s check from KPA proprietor, Doug Bohannon. Vanderbogart & Barcomb qualified second and then moved up in match play to take home the $2200 top prize.


The 2022 Baker Doubles Tournament took place on Sunday, October 23.  We floored 36 teams for this year’s event, which was up from last year but still short of a full field of 63.  That being said, we still paid as advertised with first place receiving $2200 and low to cash getting $550 (which was above the $400 advertised).

Teams bowled 8 baker games during qualifying with the top 6 teams advancing to the round robin match play.

When the qualifying was done the 6 teams that advanced were:

PLACE                                   TEAM GAMES AVERAGE TOTAL PINS PLUS/MINUS
1 Nick Miseno / Don Herrington 8 226.50 1812 +212
2 Roy Vanderbogart / Justin Barcomb 8 223.38 1787 +187
3 Christian Winters / Ben Bohannon 8 210.25 1682 +82
4 Ray Cyr / Steve Arehart 8 205.38 1643 +43
5 Larry Porter / Dave Jecko 8 202.75 1622 +22
6 Karon Henderson / Darian LeMay 8 201.38 1611 +11


This year the tournament was contested on KEGEL KRYPTON.  This was a 43’ pattern just under a 3:1 ratio.  The pattern was difficult as only 7 of the 36 teams finished qualifying on the plus side.  After the 8 games of qualifying, Nick Miseno and Don Herrington held a 25 pin lead over Roy Vanderbogart and Justin Barcomb.  The top six teams moved onto round robin match play where each match play win was worth 30 bonus pins.  Teams each got 15 bonus pins for a tie.  Final standings were determined by total pins after match play.

Here then are the final standings after match play:

1 Roy Vanderbogart / Justin Barcomb 3-3 +361 $2200
2 Nick Miseno / Don Herrington 2-4 +295 $1200
3 Larry Porter / Dave Jecko 4-2 +201 $850
4 Karon Henderson / Darian LeMay 5-1 +187 $750
5 Ray Cyr / Steven Arehart 2-4 +95 $650
6 Christian Winters / Ben Bohannon 1-5 -29 $550


Last year's champions, Zac Gentile and Mike Colby finished in 7th place this year.


previous champions

 2022:  Roy Vanderbogart & Justin Barcomb

2021: Zac Gentile & Mike Colby

2020: Ryan Galli & Phil Drumm

2019: Chun Bae & Scott Kampf

2018: Richard & Rebekah VanScoyk

2017: Nick Miseno / Steve Wagoner

2016: Nick Galusha / Matt Sherman

2015: Steve Rock / Ricky Fredette

2014: Tom Reed / Travis Winglowski