winner of tourney

Steve Wagoner (L) is presented his championship check from KPA owner Doug Bohannon.  Wagoner defeated Phil Drumm 237-235 in the title match to claim the $8000 top prize.  This is the largest first place prize for an tournament in NY.

The Kingpin Masters is a two day event culminating with the Main Event on Sunday November 7.

Saturday November 6 will start with a singles event. Two squads at 11am and 1pm. This event is a 2 game singles with 120 bowlers max on each squad. Entry fee is $40 ($30 re-entry). 1 in 7 cash. Post your score with the top two spots each winning $700. There will be brackets offered (yes, you can do brackets in a two game event). This will be bowled on a modified house shot.

Then on Saturday at 4pm there will be a doubles event. 3 games, post your score. 60 teams max. Entry fee is $180/team. 1 in 6 cash. First place will pay $3000. Second place will pay $2000. Both of the top spots are guaranteed. There will be brackets and this event will be bowled on a tournament pattern to be announced.
Saturday events are open to all bowlers.

Sunday November 7 is the main event. This is a singles event and is limited to 120 bowlers max. Start time is 10am. Entry fee is $250 (if paid in full by Oct. 24). After Oct. 24 entry is $290. $100 deposit holds your prepaid entry.

5 game qualifier, 1 in 6 advance to bracket finals.
Top four spots will pay:
1st: $8000
2nd: $4000
3rd & 4th: $2000
The top four spots are all guaranteed.
Low cash is $500 minimum.

There will be brackets, sidepots and an optional in tournament sweeper during qualifying (games 2, 3, 4).
The Main Event will be bowled on a tournament pattern to be announced, It will be different than the doubles event.

Please contact Jeff Segel at 518-496-9700 for more information, questions or details.

The 2021 Kingpin Masters Tournament took place the weekend of November 6 & 7 at Kingpin’s Alley in South Glens Falls.

Saturday was the doubles portion of the event.  25 teams took to the lanes to compete for the $1200 top prize.  Teams bowled three games of regular doubles in a post your score contest. 

We crowned co-champions for this event with the teams of Darren Andretta/Adam Chase & Andrew Hall/Kyle Rasmussen both posting scores of 1378. 

Third place was taken by the team of Brandon Boyer and RJ Martinez with 1358.  Fourth was held down by Rick & Zach Bogholtz and their 1351.  Fifth place was claimed by John Confalone and Eric Stangle.

Sunday was the Main Event with a top prize of $8000 up for grabs.  62 bowlers hit the lanes for 5 games of qualifying to see what 10 would advance to the single game elimination match play bracket.

Steve Wagoner was the qualifying leader with a 5 game total of 1,234 pins including a perfect 300 in the fifth and final game.


  1. Steve Wagoner: 1,234
  2. Jason Sterner:  1,227
  3. Phil Drumm: 1,209
  4. Billy McGaffin: 1,199
  5. Mike Rose: 1,180
  6. Adam Zimmerman: 1,179
  7. John Ferraro: 1,175
  8. Eric Stangle: 1,174
  9. Roy Vanderbogart: 1 170
  10. Jim Thomas: 1,163

In round one of match play Roy Vanderbogart defeated Eric Stangle 222-190.  Jim Thomas defeated John Ferraro 190-170.  Stangle and Ferraro each received $500

Round Two:  Losers received $850
Wagoner over Vanderbogart 226-161
McGaffin over Rose 213-198
Sterner over Thomas 204-198
Drumm over Zimmerman 229-203

Round Three:  Losers received $2000
Wagoner over McGaffin 245-204
Drumm over Sterner 259-235

Championship match
Steve Wagoner over Phil Drumm 237-235
Wagoner $8000
Drumm $4000